Dining hall front porch

Even for picky eaters the dining hall is not a place to miss! The dining hall has everything one could ask for, except waiters each cabin has to pick there own waiter, who serves and eats all three meals a day! The Camp Hazen dining hall is located next to Cedar Lake. Once inside is you look up you will see all the flags of the all the places the councilers were live in! It has everywhere from Nepal to Wales! Known breakfast meals are french toast sticks, waffles, pancakes, breakfast pizza and more! For lunch they have chicken tenders, mac and cheese and meatball grinders! for dinner they have turkey, ham, pizza, pita pizza and bread! For desert they have choclate chip cookies, popsicles and ice cream! They also on the second to last night have banquet night ! Every day for each and every meal we have to also do prayers, such as Spounge Bob, Flinstones and Johnny Appleseed.

Banquet night


a normal day


the side of the dining hall